Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Snow Sunday

For Super Bowl weekend, our family headed to Big Bear for a ski weekend.  There was just enough snow for Ava and her friends (and weekend roommates) Josh and Sarah to make mini snowmen, and to throw snow into the hot tub to watch it melt.
Ava, Josh, and their friend Gavin all enjoyed their time on the slopes.  After being confined to the "magic carpet" during her first lesson last year, Ava was able to ride on the chairlift for the first time and made it down the bunny slopes without any problems using french fries (parallel) and pizzas (wedges/snowplows).
After their lessons on Sunday morning, Ava and Josh went down a few more times with Chris before heading home.  

What about the Super Bowl, you ask?!  Don't worry, after a quick drive down the mountain on Sunday afternoon, Ava made it back in time to see Derrick Coleman and the Seahawks win the big game.


Karen said...

Great video! Thanks for posting.

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