Saturday, July 23, 2016

Camp Torrance Goes To Mammoth

For several years, Ava has spent time with Grammy and Poppy at "Camp Torrance."  This year, Camp Torrance is taking a road trip to the Sierras.  While they got off to a bit of a late start as Poppy and Ava slept in, soon enough they were on their way.

In Bishop, they stopped at Erick Schat's Bakkery.

Arriving in Mammoth, they did a little exploring. 
A vacation wouldn't be complete without some time in the water.

Taking the shuttle from Mammoth Mountain, Ava visited Devil's Postpile and hiked up to the top.

Ava also saw the Mammoth earthquake fault, which is up to 10 feet wide and 60 feet deep. 
At Hot Creek Hatchery, they raise about 3 million trout a year to supply the nearby lakes and streams. 
She also saw some of the hot springs of the eastern Sierras. 
Not far from Mammoth is ghost town of Bodie.  Ava didn't see any ghosts but enjoyed the abandoned town. 
From Bodie, Ava visited Mono Lake, and also earned her Junior Ranger badge at the Gateway to Yosemite.
Nearby, Ava ate at California's most famous gas station restaurant, the Whoa Nellie Deli.
One of the biggest attractions of the Mammoth Lakes area during the summer is, naturally, the lakes.  Ava, Grammy, and Poppy spent loads of time at (and in) McLoud Lake and Horseshoe Lake, and surrounded by the natural beauty of the area.  
After several days in Mammoth, Ava will be setting out through the Tioga Pass to head to Yosemite for the next stop on her adventure.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Vacation 2016, The Final Out

After flying to the east coast and back, along with 1,900+ miles of driving, our vacation wasn't quite over as our family headed down to San Diego for Major League Baseball's All Star Week.
Our first stop was the MLB FanFest, a festival for baseball fans of all ages held at the convention center.  FanFest included the world's largest baseball, a chance to make your own baseball card, MLB trophies, games, visits with mascots, current and former players, clinics, TV and radio broadcasts, giveaways and shopping.
Ava even had the chance to meet some of the women who played in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League (made famous by the movie "A League of Their Own").
Over in the Gaslamp Quarter (the self-proclaimed "Historic Heart of San Diego"), Ava joined in some of the festivities at the MLB All-Star Block Party where Ava got to walk the red carpet and found lots of emojis.  
The highlight of the Block Party though was the indoor ball pit with multiple slides and a DJ.
After checking into our hotel and walking Petco, it was finally time for the main event - the MLB All-Star Game.  We got to our seats - after a stop for ice cream - with plenty of time to explore and to see all the pregame festivities.
Despite the heat and sun, Ava had lots of fun at the game.  Even though Clayton Kershaw didn't pitch, Ava got to see her other favorite player Mike Trout get a hit, and saw some great action from some of the young stars as well as a farewell to future Hall of Famer David Ortiz. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Vacation 2016, Millville By The Sea

After staggering through our last day in Philly, it was wonderful to spend the end of our East Coast trip with the DuCotts who truly made us feel at home in Millville, Delaware.
Ava got to see neighborhood friends Gavin and Bryn, and met some new friends, Will and Dylan.
The kids spent lots of time at the pools on both days including time at the "big pool," which features floating lily pads, splash areas and dumping buckets, water basketball and volleyball, and even a little lazy river.   
Ava had a blast even when she didn't successfully make it across the lily pads.

The sounds of the ice cream truck (for some reason playing Christmas music) got everyone excited for sweet treats.
The girls spent time hanging out, playing Lite Brite, and painting furniture for Bryn's doll house. 
Heading to the shore, Gavin, Bryn, and Ava spent time at Bethany Beach which has a real boardwalk and sand dunes.
We strolled around town with Ms. Kristen looking for toys, candy, and souvenirs.
Don't worry, no one actually purchased a poop emoji hat.
The kids worked up an appetite and got to see their lunch being made at Bethany Beach's finest pizza joint.
As we were all on vacation, everyone got treated to frozen custard.  Ava particularly enjoyed her caramel flavored custard especially as she is not supposed to eat hard/chewy caramels because of her braces.

It was then time to cool down in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, which featured some pretty large waves.  Chris even lost his hat after being pounded by a wave, and none of us were able to find it.  Ava says maybe we'll find it in California in a few years. 

After saying goodbye to our friends we got on the road and stopped for a final seafood dinner overlooking the Chesapeake Bay.
Our final night on the East Coast was spent in an airport hotel where Ava had her own queen bed and had to be woken up to head to the airport. 
Don't worry, our somewhat baseball-themed vacation isn't quite over yet.  More importantly, even when this vacation ends, Ava has plenty more adventures lined up this summer.