Thursday, November 21, 2013

Trundle Trouble

This past weekend, Ava's friend Sophie visited us from out of town for a fun girls' weekend.  The girls enjoyed playing together at the park and making potions in the back yard.  
We even took a trip to the Great Park to ride the carousel, run around the playground, and visit the farmers' market.  
We also rode on the giant orange helium (not hot air) balloon, which rose 400 feet in the air and offered views of Irvine.  Not quite the same as the Empire State Building but still a lot of fun. 
At night, Ava opened up her trundle bed as this was her first time hosting a sleepover.  The girls giggled, played, and stayed up very, very late.
The main event - other than the sleepover - was a trip to South Coast Rep to see Ivy & Bean, which was originally commissioned by the renowned Bay Area Children's Theatre.  A number of friends joined us for the show.
After the delightful show, the girls were able to meet the cast for a quick chat, photos, and autographs.
Ava sang songs from the show on her short drive home and Sophie surely sang songs on her flight home.

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becca said...

Thanks for such an awesome weekend!!!!!